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Emme Sanders, RDH, transforms dental practices with her high energy and positive approach to coaching. She has expanded her leadership and interpersonal skills for over 30 years, allowing her to increase team performance, refine dental skills, and create a space conductive to learning. Utilizing her unique teaching methods, Emme’s courses revitalize both doctor and hygienist roles through her workshop and real-world case studies that address hygiene department mistakes. Emme realizes the importance of teamwork and humor as a driving factor in creating a successful practice. She has worked with smaller and intimate offices as well as larger multilocation operations with equal grace and confidence, ready to tackle any and all challenges. Thanks to Emme’s chairside clinical and presentation abilities, she has become an official trainer for Digital Radiography and Intraoral Imaging, respectively. She has achieved ACE Certification, graduated from Transformational Trainers, holds membership with Speaking and Consulting Network, member of Academy of Dental Management Consultants has developed a thriving career providing her knowledge and expertise to dental practices working with national consulting firm Inspired Hygiene.

Emme recently was named 2023 Cuspies Hygiene Educator of the Year semi finalist from Dr. BiCuspid

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Dynamic Speaker from Inspired Hygiene Director of Coaching