“Great energy! Incredible job building a community based atmosphere. The team putting on
this conference really does a good job!”

-Jacob Puhl


“SCN is a power packed conference with fantastic speakers that benefit sponsors both
professionally and personally. Top Notch conference.”

-Tammy Barker


“The spirit, co-operation and rapport exhibited was wonderful and contagious.”

-Ted Borris


“This organization gives opportunities to grow in knowledge, gives back collaboration with
colleagues, receives friendships and makes a difference in my life and in others.”

-Jan Keller


“I'm so grateful for the generosity of spirit of SCN. Thank you!”

-Kathryn Gilliam


“Such an honor for me to attend to feel the love and energy and true generosity from the
SCN family.”

-Anne Duffy


“You truly have something special here. Keep up the excellent work! The speakers were
all incredible. I learned something from each one I can apply!”

-Tamela Nichols


“Fantastic organization and incredibly engaging.”

-Jacquelyn Hurley


“Every minute of SCN offered opportunities for growth and it felt abundant. Thank you –
it was just what was needed at just the right time.”

-Laura Jamison


“My first SCN ever. Didn't expect this to be the most organized and informative conference
I have ever attended. I am inspired to finally take a leap toward advancing my business and more
focused where I know I will be successful.

-Dona Schulz

“I truly believed I had enough experience in the dental industry to start my own consulting business, however I lacked the knowledge of what my next steps should be. Since joining SCN six years ago not only did I learn how to start my business I continue to learn material that I can apply daily with my current and future clients through the excellent speakers and sponsoring partners that attend SCN. Thank you SCN for the support and the networking opportunities provided for our future growth.”

-Adele Reische

“SCN provides the framework for developing the skills necessary to bring your speaking business to the next level, from contacting meeting planners to developing a web site and monetizing your intellectual property. Plus you meet some great people and have lots of fun networking!”

-Marty Jablow

“In May of 2000, I attended SCN for the 1st time. I have been working in dentistry since 1976 and wanted to share my knowledge with other dental professionals. I didn’t really know how to do this and decided to attend SCN for more insight into the area of dental consulting. Once I was at the meeting, I heard Linda Miles say that for someone to consider you an expert you first, need to speak and write. During that meeting Linda asked us to write down three topics we could speak and/or write on. I wrote my topics down and took them very seriously. I was so serious about following through with what I learned, that while I worked as a dental hygienist three days a week, I hired a VA (Virtual assistant) to call all over the US and Canada Dental Associations and Societies, to let the executive program director’s know about an “up and coming speaker, whom they really need to consider speaking at their next meeting.” Linda told us exactly what to say when we called an association or meeting planner to speak at a conference and I had my VA call and say exactly what Linda told us to say. About six months later, I spoke at my first dental conference in Smithers, Canada. I have never looked back. It took years of dedication but I now have a full service consulting, speaking and writing business. I really enjoy my life and love what I do! The mission and vision of what I currently provide has greatly expanded from developing a small consulting business and wanting to be “just a consultant”, into something much bigger and more satisfying than I had ever imagined. Thank you Linda for sharing your insight!

-Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

President: Dental Practice Solutions

“Dear Lois and Linda,

What can I say? You two are a gift…encouragers, motivators, inspirational. You are real, approachable, passionate women who kindly give your experiences and knowledge to others. It is my prayer that as I continue this journey, that I will always remember those starting out or starting over and be as patient and supportive as you two have been to me.”


-Pam Menaker



“Attending the 2011 SCN Conference in Dallas was one of the highlights of my nearly 30-year career in the speaking and consulting arena. The quality of the content, speakers and new ‘best friends’ was second to none. I am looking forward to the 2015 conference! See you there!”

-Mark LeBlanc