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Navigating a successful dental practice involves numerous strategies, making it a rewarding experience. For decades, Sophia has been guiding dentists along this journey. Through promoting a collaborative team environment, she ensures collective commitment and cooperation bring Teams toward achieving the ultimate goals.

Sophia Dunkley is at the forefront of dental practice consulting and driving innovation as The Practice Navigator with a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm. As a certified coach and dental speaker, Sophia has carved a niche with her innovative approach to case acceptance, emphasizing the transformative power of human connections. Her philosophy, centered on the notion of making a stranger a friend, has been a cornerstone of her success as a dental consultant and dental implant arch sales coach/trainer. Sophia’s skill at navigating patients from indecision to positive decision-making is a testament to her unique methodology and passion.

With over 25 years of dedication to the dental industry, Sophia has redefined the norms of dental office environments, infusing them with a spirit of fun and empowerment. Her extensive experience has not only enriched her insights but also enabled her to significantly boost client profitability. Sophia’s approach is comprehensive, intertwining leadership principles and sales with practical applications of systems to foster healthy, efficient workplace dynamics while maintaining work culture. By leveraging the ELI 360 as a pivotal leadership assessment tool, she empowers dentists and their teams to realize their full potential through customized, advanced systems and workflows. These innovations are designed to optimize productivity and results, ensuring that every client Sophia works with is positioned for success in an ever-evolving dental industry.


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New york

Management and leadership Certification from Dale Carnegie

Certified Energy Leadership Coach from IPEC

Certified Business Manager from New York University

Team Track Dental Office Management from LVI Global

Energy Leadership 360 Index Assessments from IPEC