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Ryan Vet is an international keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and author. He has presented around the globe on four different continents.

Ryan’s experiences range from start-ups to Fortune 500s such as Samsung, Warner Brothers, and Bing. From starting his first business at age 14 to launching and successfully exiting start-ups, Ryan is a serial entrepreneur. He has been featured in countless publications (USA Today, Forbes, Financial Times, NBC, CBS, ABC and more) for his entrepreneurial endeavors and routinely contributes to Forbes and other leading publications. In 2019 he authored the book Cracking the Millennial Code.

He holds an MBA from Purdue along with many other certifications business, marketing, and change management from leading institutions including Harvard Business School, Elon University, and Cornell University.

Ryan’s wife Jessica is a practicing dentist. Ryan is passionate about the industry and has been actively involved in the dental community for nearly a decade. In addition, Ryan hosts The Dental Experience Podcast.

After over a decade in the fast-paced world of startups and venture capital, Ryan has turned a large majority of his personal focus towards the craft beverage and hospitality industry where he has invested heavily. As a fun aside, in pursuing his passion of craft beverages, Ryan is a trained Sommelier.

At the core, Ryan is passionate about helping audiences create positive changes in the lives of those with whom they interact.

Ryan and Jessica currently live Downtown Durham, NC. Jessica, is a practicing dentist in North Carolina.

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Ryan Vet

Presented on Thursday, July 18, 2024

Creating Experiences Worth Sharing at AGD 2024 Meeting

Quick Facts

Durham, NC

MBA from Purdue University Global

Change Management from Cornell University

Global Business from Harvard Business School

B.S.B.A. Marketing from Elon University

Level 1 Sommelier from Court of Master Sommeliers

People Advisory Certification from Gusto

Certified Virtual Presenter from eSepakers