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Lois Banta is CEO and Founder of Healthcare Enterprises.  Lois provides her retreats to dental practices, both large and small, across the country and internationally.  And as a highly sought after speaker on the American Dental Association circuit, The Chicago Dental Society, The Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting and other popular venues, Lois’ seminars are a must for every member of the dental team. Lois also has written monthly columns for Dental Practice Reports, Doctor Bicuspid and has been a featured writer for the Dental Economics, Australian Dental Journal, Dentistry Today, AGD plus other numerous journals.  Lois’ also has a published book and DVD series “Secrets to Practice Success” and is getting rave reviews. In 2021 Lois was presented with the Gordon Christensen Lecturer Recognition Award and in 2016 received a Lifetime Achievement Award with American Association of Dental Office Management.

Lois Banta is CEO of The Speaking Consulting Network, an organization dedicated  to growing the consulting, speaking and writing industry profession.  Lois is also a member of AADP (American Academy of Dental Practice).