About Leslie

Leslie brings four decades of experience to the dental industry, with a particular focus on Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery spanning 32 years. For a decade, she served as a Program Advisor for CareCredit. Leslie holds certification as a Certified Professional Coder from AAPC and possesses additional specialty coding certification from AAOMS. Furthermore, she is a certified dental radiographer specializing in CBCT imaging and the implant digital workflow.

 Leslie is the visionary behind Dental Classroom, LLC, offering live and recorded courses focused on medical billing within dental practices. She achieved fellowship status with the ADIA and actively participates in professional networks such as the Speakers Consulting Network, AAOMS, AADOM, DeW, and ADMC. Leslie is passionate about enhancing dentists’ professional journeys by optimizing cash flow through strategic account management, leveraging medical benefits, and enhancing case acceptance rates.

Quick Facts

Westfield, IN

Medical/Dental Insurance Billing from AAOMS

Fellowship from ICOI/ADIA