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Amy Wood is a best selling author, speaker, consultant, and coach. She has a background in Healthcare Information Technology and has spent the last decade as a HIPAA Educator, Risk Assessor and Data Breach Consultant. Amy consults with healthcare practitioners both before a Data Breach by implementing proactive compliance programs into their existing workflows, and after a Data Breach by helping minimize the damage and fixing the leaks within the current system.

Amy maintains multiple certifications in HIPAA, Cybersecurity and PCI, including the HCISPP – Healthcare Information Security Privacy Practitioner with ISC2, a prestigious certification that is not only difficult to obtain, but requires Continuing Education to maintain, keeping current issues at the forefront of the work she does. With that certification (of which she is one of only 1,400,) she could work for Department of Defense or any hospital in the country, yet chooses DENTAL since it is an underserved market that definitely needs help. Out of the over 200 data breach investigations she has consulted on, her clients have received ZERO fines and ZERO patient lawsuits.

Amy takes your boring, every day compliance course and turns it into an entertaining and educational conversation. Her goal is to educate as many people as she can so she doesn’t HAVE to do data breach investigations (although she is here to help if you ever find yourself in one!)