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Lois Banta partners with Ryan Vet, MBA for the future of Speaking Consulting Network

Grain Valley, MO – For more than 25 years, the Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) has been the authority in training and equipping dental speakers and consultants to lead with integrity in educating and furthering the dental industry. Founded by Linda Miles, CSP, in 1996, the Speaking Consulting Network has launched countless well-recognized, international names, thought leaders, and influencers. 

In 2010, Lois Banta acquired the Speaking Consulting Network from Linda Miles and has led the organization for the past 12 years. The organization is known for its membership having some of the most influential speakers and consultants in dentistry for nearly the past two and a half decades. 

Founding member, Katherine Eitel Belt, CSP, the founder and CEO of LionSpeak Communications Coaching, reflects on her journey and the future of SCN, “As a founding member of SCN, I’ve known this group was special from Day One.  If you’re looking for guidance, tools, and most of all loving support for your consulting, speaking, or writing career in dentistry, join SCN.  It’s like a rocketship to your dreams!” 

SCN’s influence is affirmed by having more speakers present at major national meetings than any other speaking and consulting group. This includes thirteen SCN members as featured speakers at the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter meeting this past February and an additional eight speakers at the Hinman Dental Meeting this month in Atlanta, Georgia. In each, these numbers represent more speakers than from any other group or organization. The members of Speaking Consulting Network directly reach no less than 15,000 unique practices each year and its members are frequently featured in national journals, publications, and magazines.

Judy Kay Mausolf, one of dentistry’s most prolific influencers, speakers, and authors, confirms “SCN is a cornerstone dental organization and has been instrumental in helping hundreds of dental speakers, coaches, and writers flourish for over 25 years! It was truly the launching pad for my career. The future of SCN is very bright and exciting with Ryan Vet joining the helm to lead us into a very fruitful future!” 

On January 6, 2022, dental industry veteran and dental speaker, Ryan Vet, MBA, partnered with Lois Banta by acquiring a majority ownership stake in the Speaking Consulting Network. He plans to continue the legacy established by both Linda Miles and Lois Banta. “When I look at Ryan Vet…I wish I could live to be 150 and see where you guys [take SCN],” reflected SCN founder, Linda Miles, on a call with the network’s members earlier this month. “Work hard and help other people,” Miles continued. “SCN is even better than I ever dreamed it could be. I look forward to seeing what Ryan and Lois can do together.”

Lois Banta will remain the CEO and the face of SCN. From the outside onlooker, little will change. “I’m not going anywhere,” Banta exclaims. Vet will primarily be working on strategic initiatives to continually reinforce the legacy of integrity and excellence in the dental speaking and consulting industry that has set SCN apart for now three generations. 

“Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to participate with various organizations in a number of industries. There is something special that continually drew me back to SCN, first as a sponsoring partner, then a member. The level of integrity, the quality of excellence, and the true community was unmatched by any other organization I had experienced in dentistry, or elsewhere,” Vet reflects. “These people are the real deal. They are headlining conferences, showing up on magazine covers, and are the major thought leaders in dentistry.”

Banta adds to the excitement of the partnership by stating, “Ryan first came to SCN as a sponsoring partner. He understands the business side. Plus, he is a Millennial, and that adds perspective. Not to mention, his wife is a full-time mother and also a full-time practicing dentist.”

SCN member Roy Shelburne, DDS, also attests, “SCN, a life changer for me! Over the last 12 years I’ve witnessed this same group of empowering members share from their hearts generously to all who are part of this organization.”

Banta and Vet are committed to moving the organization forward into the next generation while adding value to its membership base and promoting excellence and integrity throughout dentistry. 

The duo is excited to continually add value to its existing members as well as helping to bring new talent to the dental industry by developing high quality speakers, writers, and consultants. Additionally, Speaking Consulting Network is committed to developing even more value by providing resources and thought leadership to the industry as a whole in the coming years.

SCN Sponsoring Partner Spotlight

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